O my little sister

Who will travel far on this day

It is sleeting outside and strangely light

(fetch me the rainlike snow)

The sleet sloshing down

Out of pale red clouds cruel and gloomy

(fetch me the rainlike snow)

I shot out into the midst of this black sleet

A bent bullet

To gather the rainlike snow for your to eat

In two chipped ceramic bowls

Decorated with blue watershields

(fetch me the rainlike snow)

The sleet sloshes down sinking

Out of sombre clouds the colour of bismuth

O Toshiko

You asked me for a bowl

Of this refreshing snow

When you were on the point of death

To brighten my life forever

Thank you my brave little sister

I too will not waver from my path

(fetch me the rainlike snow)

You made your request to me

Amidst gasping and the intensest fever

For the last bowl of snow given off

By the world of the sky called the atmosphere

the galaxy and sun

The sleet, desolate, collects

On two large fragments of granite blocks

I'll stand precariously on them

And fetch the last morsels of food

For my sweet and tender sister

Off this lustrous pine branch

Covered in transparent cold droplets

Holding the purewhite dual properties of water

and snow

Now today you will part forever

(I go as I go by myself)

You are truly bidding farewell on this day

O my brave little sister

Burning up pale white and gentle

In the dark screens and mosquito net

Of your stifling sickroom

This snow is so white everywhere

No matter where you take it from

This exquisite snow has come

From such a terrifying and disarranged sky

(when I am born again

I sill be born to suffer

Not only on my own account)

I now will pray with all my heart

That the snow you will eat from these two bowls

Will be transformed into heaven's icecream

And be offered to you and everyone as material

that will be holy

On this wish I stake my every happiness